Watching TV more than 3 hours a day causes children to be vulnerable to bullying


Watching TVNowadays watching TV had become a common thing done by children. Let alone on a holiday, any day children can spend much of their time in front of the television . This habit can not be ignored, as researchers uncover the bad effects of prolonged television viewing in children.

Researchers reveal that watching TV for more than three hours a day would make a child do not develop socialization skills. Moreover, they tend to be physically weaker, resulting in them vulnerable to acts of bullying by friends.

These results were found after researchers observed 1,997 boys and girls aged 29 months who are known to have the habit of watching television in a long time. They found that watching television can injure a child’s development in terms of social and physical development, this is as reported by the Daily Mail.

Watching television can also lower a child’s language and mathematic skills, as well as their physical abilities. Not only that, children who watch too much television also has low concentration in the classroom. But the researchers also found that watching TV for two hours and 52 minutes does not give a big negative impact on the child.

“This is the first study to look at the link between too much TV and a child’s motor ability and psychological development,” said researcher Linda Pagani of the University of Montreal and The Sainte-Justine University Hospital Centre.

Pagani further advised parents to always supervise their children and limit the time to watch television. This not only applies when the parents are at home, but also when they leave their children to daycare.

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