Watchout For A Deadly Insomnia


Insomnia Health Tips – There are millions of people with insomnia around the world. Amongst them there people who have the deadly insomnia disorder known as fatal familial insomnia (FFI).

UntilĀ  now scientists are still confused by the rare genetic disorder called familial fatal insomnia (FFI) which is currently owned by 40 families throughout the world.

This condition will get worse as people who suffer from FFI are difficult to sleep until they finally die.

This condition is caused by gene mutations that cause deterioration of sleep centers in the brain or thalamus. Most cases are caused by the accumulation of proteins that can disrupt the vital function of body or mind. Until now, there are no medicines that can cure it.

“This is a formal sleep disorder which is acknowledged although rare to find, and until now FFI is still an unsolved mystery,” says Michael Breus, PhD, a clinical psychologist who specializes in sleeping disorders, as quoted from AOLHealth.

Someone who has this deadly sleep disorder will gradually lose the ability to sleep until eventually the person can not sleep at all or fully awake.

This condition will be followed by fatigue and will causes hallucinations, memory loss, impaired muscle control, dementia and sometimes lead to coma or death. Averagely about nine months after the occurrence of chaos, a serious condition will arise.

Age of people suffering from insomnia disorders are varied, but the average starting at the age of 49. Besides these people usually will not give any response when given aid treatment for insomnia in general.

“The symptoms caused by the FFI is not much different from regular insomnia, but over time will become much worse, or severe. They’re going to stay awake for today, tomorrow and the days that followed,” says Breus.

However, Breus urged insomnia sufferers not to panic because this is an extraordinary rare disorder.