Watercress Can Inhibit Cancer Growth


Watercress inhibit cancer growthSeveral types of daily food have properties to treat diseases, these kind of foods are called superfoods. The latest findings found that watercress are also effective to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Watercress is a floating plant species that grows in water, it spread across mainland Europe and Asia. Besides being fiber-rich, recently a team of researchers from Southampton University have revealed that this vegetables contain anti-cancer compounds. In a test on a number of volunteers, the compound was proven to inhibit the growth of breast cancer.

According to the Telegraph, the test was performed on four female participants. In blood samples of participants who were observed for six hours after consuming watercress, decreased activity of compounds that helps cancer growth which is the 4E protein appeared.

The decline is believed to be the effect of the isothiocyanate, one of the compounds contained in watercress. However, the mechanism of formation of isothiocyanates in inhibiting cancer growth and 4E protein itself is still not known with certainty.

In a temporary conclusions published in the British Journal of Nutrition,  researchers also revealed that watercress not only inhibits cancer growth. For those who have recovered from cancer, consuming 80 grams or one serving of this vegetables every day is claimed to be able to prevent recurrence.

But a researcher from the Cancer Research UK, Hazel Nunn believes that it is too early to conclude it. According to him, the findings still needs to be developed by testing properties of these vegetables on a wider group.