Weight Training Helps Stop Smoking


weight trainingIf you are not able to quit smoking, you can try lifting weights. Not only serves to build muscle, it turns out the weight training can help smokers break their bad habit.

A research team from the Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island, United States, found that men and women will be twice as likely to quit smoking if they do weight training. The findings are also based on a research that revealed that aerobic exercise can reduce the desire for smoking and control weight after quitting smoking.

“Cigarettes kill more people and most smokers want to quit, but only less than five percent can stop without help. We need a new ‘tool’ to help smokers stop smoking. It seems that weight training can be an effective strategy,” said chief researcher, Dr. Joseph Ciccolo, according to the Daily Mail.

In a study published in the Journal of Nicotine & Tobacco Research, the respondents included 25 men and women smokers. They were aged between 18 to 65 years known to have smoked for at least one year.

All respondents received about 15 to 20 minute counseling sessions, including the supply of nicotine patches for eight weeks before randomly being placed in a group. One group, exercised for 60 minutes every week for 12 weeks. Including weight training routine as much as 10 times.

After 12 weeks, 16 percent of smokers who do weight training  not only can stop smoking, but their weight and body fat also decreased significantly. For comparison, the percentage of respondents who quit smoking without exercise are only 8 percent and their weight increases.

Three months after study completion, 15 percent of people from groups who do weight training also did not return to smoking. For maximum results, Doctoral Ciccolo said, more research is needed before the weight training can be used as a clinical treatment to quit smoking.