What Causes Back and Neck Pain


Back pain Cause Health TipsBack pain can affect anyone, from any class, profession, male or female, young or old. No one can understand the sense of suffering experienced when hit by back pain.

Some risk factors for this condition includes extrinsic factors such as heavy physical work, frequent bending and lifting heavy objects, sitting too long at work and cigarettes. While intrinsic factors including spinal disorders, obesity and body height is also a risk factor.

The most common causes of back and neck pain is muscle facia. Muscle tension can be caused by injury during sports and lifting heavy loads. Another common causes is spinal spondylosis.

In this condition, there is a damage to the spinal discs, which cushion the spine. This causes the disc degeneration and hardening of the new bone formation which can cause pressure on nerves that exit from the spine to the arms and legs. Spinal cord itself is shrinking due to this.

If severe, this can cause numbness and weakness in arms and legs. Joint disease, which is a degeneration and inflammation of the joints, which connect the vertebrae to one another, is another source of neck and back pain. Scoliosis is where there is a default of the spine which is curved is another cause of back pain.

While less common causes include infections of the spine such as tuberculosis, abscess formation may also arise in conjunction with lower back pain. Back pain may also bring a complaint of a tumor, usually a metastases from breast, prostate, lung, kidney or thyroid. ©FlyFreeForHealth2010

Dr Charles Siow
Consultant Neurologist and Pain Specialist
Siow Neurology Headache and Pain Center, Singapore