What is Biliary Atresia


The Damage of Bile Ducts

Biliary atresia (BA) is a condition in which abnormal liver bile duct obstruction occurs. Bile duct contained in the liver and outside the liver. Well, the bile ducts outside the liver connecting liver to the intestines 12 fingers. At AB, there is progressive damage in bile duct on the outside of the liver, resulting channel becomes closed or clogged.

Due to the impasse, the bile that should flow from the liver into the intestine 12 fingers blocked. As a result, bile trapped inside.

Recognize the signs!

You may wonder why there blockage? Unfortunately the cause of BA until now unknown. In some babies, BA can occur because of the bile ducts become damaged during pregnancy (congenital type) and can also occur after birth (perinatal type).

This disease, including quite often, encountered approximately 1:10.000 – 15,000 births.

So, be aware! For not a few parents who are late bringing your baby to the hospital.

So, how are the symptoms?
1. Yellow

If your baby skin turn to yellow and it does not go away over the age of 2 weeks, check with your doctor immediately. Because, yellow may indicate there are ongoing liver abnormalities in the small, one BA.

BA is generally marked with a yellow skin that occurred more than 2 weeks after birth. This condition is caused by bilirubin accumulate in the liver and spread into the blood, eye and skin becomes yellow.

2. White stools

Please note, containing bile components such as bilirubin, bile salts, cholesterol and electrolytes. Bilirubin among other functions “coloring” dirt. As a result of bilirubin-containing bile did not get into the small intestine, the dirt that comes out will be white or pale, like putty.

The signs are indeed leading to heart disease, but not necessarily BA. Many liver diseases, eg urinary tract infection, plaques in the biliary tract, CMV infection, Herpes, or rubella.

To be sure, the doctor will ask the important symptoms, perform physical examinations infant, laboratory examinations, ultrasound liver and bile ducts. When the lead on BA, will be continued on a liver biopsy or examination kolangiografi (see bile duct) to make the diagnosis.

3. Itching

What is often lost on parents’ observations, with the BA apparently healthy babies after birth. At the age of 2 to 3 weeks, the baby looks active, the weight is added regularly. Yellow too subtle, just look a bit yellow.

When liver cells from damage, symptoms usually appear more clearly. Generally, around age 3 – 6 months, babies become fussy, no appetite, always scratching himself due to itching throughout the body and body weight did not increase. At a later stage, children may experience vomiting blood and enlarged abdomen.

The Procedure

BA can not be treated with medication. The best therapy is to replace the damaged bile ducts. If the bile ducts within the liver is not disturbed, then the act of reconstruction can be done. This operation is called the Kasai procedure (discovered by a Japanese surgeon named dr. Morio Kasai). In operation, the surgeon will make a direct bile duct from the liver to the intestines 12 fingers. Unfortunately, the Kasai procedure is not the final treatment.

Kasai procedure could help patients long enough, can also be temporary. At the very least, could delay the time of transplantation in some patients.

Kasai procedure success rate in infants under 2 months of age is high enough, could reach 80 percent. But it would decrease drastically if done more than 3 months, ie only about 20 percent.

Liver transplant

On a more serious level, infants with BA 3-month-old who still could have cirrhosis. Cirrhosis of the liver was shrunken, the structure had become chaotic due to liver damage liver cells overall. Will form networks that are generally tied to the structure of irregular heart again.

Impact of cirrhosis is a disturbance in the structure and function of the liver. If sustainable will cause liver failure. Inevitably, the liver transplant becomes the only option. Yes, the heart was removed and replaced with healthy hearts from donors.

Unfortunately, the cost of liver transplant is very expensive! This is the major obstacle to many of the BA patients is not helped.

Tip Alert

Bring the new-born baby to the doctor if the yellow is more than 2 weeks, do not dry them on! I know in yellow: check the baby’s chest skin in the sun in the morning. Drag the chest skin with your fingers. He has yellow skin that is pressed when the surface looks yellow.

Do not forget to note the color of stool. When the baby poops is white, take it to the doctor! Enter into a clear plastic then wrap again with black plastic so as not to change the color caused by sunlight. This helps doctors to diagnose.