What is Gonorrhea? Know more about it!


GonorrheaGonorrhea or the clap is a sexually transmitted disease which can be spread by contact with infected bodily fluids. This STD can occur in both men and women. The infection spreads easily and generally occurs in people who have multiple sex partners. A pregnant woman suffering from gonorrhea can pass on the infection to her baby during childbirth.

Neisseria gonorrhoeae, a bacterium that can grow and multiply easily in the mucus membrane of the body causes gonorrhea. These bacteria can grow in the warm, moist areas of the reproductive tract, including the cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes in women and in the urethra of men. In some cases, the bacteria may even grow in the mouth, throat and anus.

Symptoms in women

  • Yellow or whitish discharge from the vagina
  • Lower abdominal or pelvic pain
  • Burning sensation when urinating
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Spotting after intercourse
  • Swelling of the vulva
  • Burning sensation in the throat

Symptoms in men

  • Yellow or whitish discharge from the penis
  • Burning sensation when urinating
  • Burning sensation in the throat
  • Painful or swollen testicles
  • Swollen glands in the throat
  • If you experience any of these symptoms, consult your doctor immediately as gonorrhea can be treated with the right medication. However, left untreated, it can cause serious and permanent health problems in both women and men.

Article by: Beverley Lewis /health me up

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