What is the Effect of Masturbation Addiction?


masturbation Health Tips – Masturbation is considered safe to relieve stress and arousal.

Actually the activity to stimulate the body, especially the intimate organs, in order to give sexual satisfaction to oneself  is not dangerous. However, it also has bad side effects, ranging from the psychological effects to causing addiction.

One of the bad effects of masturbation, according to Dr Hernano Chavez, sex consultant, is the difficulty to reach climax during sex or even premature ejaculation.

“With masturbation, we can reach orgasm alone. In time the brain will be trained to respond to touches of his own hands and reduce the sensitivity of touches that comes from other people. As a result, it is more difficult to reach a climax,” Chavez said, quoted by the AskMen. com

Biologically, addiction to masturbation can affect the brain and chemical substances in the body so it has an effect on excessive production of sex hormones. Although its impact on each person is different, masturbation can cause chronic fatigue, pain in the pelvic, back pain, pain in the testes, even hair loss.

Since getting used to satisfy own self without involving others, it is worried that someone would prefer self service than with spouse. In fact, a healthy sex should be able to satisfy both parties.

For people who are not married, masturbating too often will lead to compulsive masturbation which can disrupt everyday life. The imbalance between personal desires and needs can lead to dizziness and anger before masturbating. Ultimately this will interfere with work and social relationships with others.