What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening and How is the Treatment?


Zoom Teeth Whitening

If you are worried about your yellow coloured teeth, there are several technologies available today to give them a bright white colour. One can have a perfect smile only if their teeth are in good condition. Out of many such processes, zoom teeth whitening is one of the most recommended treatments. The zoom is nothing but a process of bleaching, which is widely used across the globe to lighten the discoloration of enamel as well as dentin. When you think about tooth discoloration, there are several behind this. It may be due to
drinking tea, coffee, cola, and red wine or because of smoking. If it does not take care, the possibility of having a stain and darkening of teeth is high. It is observed that people with discoloured teeth experience low self-esteem and lose self-confidence levels. Though there are several reasons behind tooth discolouration, the best part is having a possibility to restore their colour and turn into the pearly white shine.

The zoom teeth whitening process involves usage of Zoom Advanced Power Chair side Lamp. This tool is used to accelerate the process of bleaching and thus, activate the 25% hydrogen peroxide whitening. When this introduced hydrogen peroxide broke down, the released oxygen is supposed to entire the dentin and enamel to bleach those stained substances. The best part of this is the structure of your tooth will remain unchanged and hence, you will have a perfect smile. The treatment process usually takes less than an hour. It is recommended to have a regular cleaning before this actual whitening session. There will be a short preparation done for lips and gum care.
The zoom tooth whitening treatment goes on with proper planning. Before taking a decision to offer this treatment, the dentist will conduct a complete examination of your gums and teeth. In order to ensure a proper health, the dentist also talks you about certain lifestyle habits and oral hygiene to determine whether you will actually benefit from whitening. This communication will play a key role in suggesting the most suitable treatment to whiten your teeth. If you are even planning for other dental treatments like composite bonding, veneers to make sure have a better match between your natural dentition and restoration or even after the removal of braces. Based on the current condition of your teeth and your future goals to have a perfect smile, the best treatment will be suggested.

by Sandeep Sharma