What to Avoid When Wearing Braces


bracesBraces are usually used to repair bad tooth structure or defects in the jaw. But there are some things that should be avoided when using braces.

What is important for users of braces is the process of care such as hygiene and dental health. If there is food stuck around or within the braces, it can cause the formation of plaque and tooth decay.

Brushing and flossing after every meal may help get rid of the remaining food particles between teeth and wires. But more important is choosing the right foods to be consumed.

Certain foods can be dangerous, like causing the wire to bent, broken or release the rubber that guards the wire. For that, according to Livestrong, you should know what foods you should avoid when using braces.

Hard food and candy
Hard fruit, snacks, nuts and hard candy should not be consumed. If you want to eat fruits such as apples or pears, cut them into small pieces, do not bite it directly. If you want to eat nuts, you should grind it first, corn should be separated from the cob first and candies should be suck not bitten.

These foods should be avoided particularly whenever changes happen in braces. This is because the food is difficult to split and chew so that there are risks of breaking the teeth.

Foods that are sticky
Food or candy that are sticky like cotton candy, caramel, gum can make it stick to the teeth and the wire so that there is a possibility of damaging the wire and rubber. If there are some left behind, it will be more difficult to be cleaned or removed.

Foods with high acidity levels
High levels of acidity such as lemon, lime and soda can damage the enamel on teeth and cause discoloration. Later, after the braces are removed it will show the color difference on the teeth, especially where the braces are located.