What You Need to Know About Glycemic Index Diets


Glycemic Index DietsHealth tips – If you want to lose weight or watch your sugars, you should go on the glycemic index diet. This is one that counts the glycemic index numbers on foods. Foods that are high on this index are those that tend to absorb quickly into the system and turn to glucose. These foods often do not offer much by way of nutrition but turn quickly to fat and increase the blood glucose levels. Foods that take a longer time to break down and absorb into the system are lower in the index and are more desired when you are on a glycemic index diet.

Many people who have diabetes can benefit from the this type of diet. They can eat foods that are low in the index and do not raise the blood glucose levels. These foods include fatty fish such as salmon that are high in fish oils, legumes and vegetables. Foods that are high in the glycemic index are not good for anyone who has diabetes or for anyone who is trying to lose weight.

Foods that should be avoided are those that are high refined carbohydrate. It is a good idea to avoid anything white when you are on a glycemic index diet This includes potatoes, bananas, sugared foods, white flour foods and white rice. These are all high in the glycemic index and should be avoided, especially by anyone who is watching their weight or their blood sugar levels.

By eating vegetables, legumes and fish along with wheat products, a person can do well on a glycemic index diet. They can keep their blood sugars down, prevent the blood glucose levels rising and also keep weight off. Many people who watch their carbohydrates while they are dieting to lose weight will use the glycemic index diet.

The criticism of this index diet is that it is not counted how the foods are cooked. Foods are given numbers in the index. Numbers over 60 are considered to be going higher in the index. Foods that are 60 or under are considered to be moderate to low. Ideally, foods should be marked around 50 in order to be considered for the glycemic index diet. This type of diet is similar to how weight watchers works. Foods are assigned a number an people eat foods in accordance with their ranking in the index, with low foods being considered more.

via: Adam Rise