What You Need to Know About the Effects of Radiation


The effects of radiation can affect your health based on several factors. While short term exposure will not cause any harm, long term exposure can use long term effects and even cause permanent damage. This also includes the level of exposure one receives during any amount of exposure. However, not many know how the different levels of mobile radiation and the cell phone tower radiation can actually affect your health and body. Here are certain things you must know when it comes to radiation.

Cell phone radiation:
€ Mobile radiation will only cause a long lasting damage to your body if your conversations on the phone last more than 30 minutes. In addition to this, you will need to hold the phone only on one side of your head to cause any life threatening health issue. To avoid such a situation, keep your conversations short.

€ There are alternate ways to using your phone directly, when conversing. Mobile phone accessories like the Bluetooth head set and hands free will reduce the effects of radiation exposure to the body, as compared to using the phone directly. Ensure that you use these accessories only for a limited time. Additionally when these accessories are not in use, they must be disconnected.

€ Different phones emit different kinds of energy levels and mobile radiation. Digital phones use less radiation as compared to analog phones as they use 1.3 watts of energy. Digital phones use only 0.6 watts of energy. In this way, digital phones emit less radio frequency waves.

€ If you feel mobile phone radiations will harm you, you must know when they emit the highest level of RF waves. When you use your phone in an enclosed space, like an elevator, cars or trains, as your phone will try and emit energy and signals to connect to the nearest network. Avoid using your phones at such times, text if you have to.

Cell Phone Tower Radiation
€ Cell phone towers can only emit harmful effects of radiation, only if the tower is situated at a close range to the residents of the building. Additionally, if the building material used is of a substandard quality and does not match up to the standards of security, the radiation effects can harm the health. A structural stability certificate must be obtained for any construction of towers.

€ No more than two towers are allowed to be constructed on the terrace of any building especially with schools, colleges, hospitals and children homes. Thereby there is no emission of excessive cell phone tower radiation from these towers.

€ A license is issued to all cell phone tower operators on an annual basis, which has to be renewed annually. Over the years, the deposit for this license has been increased to reduce the haphazard installations, thereby providing the uttermost protection available to avoid any after effects of exposure.