What’s the cause of abdominal bloating during menstruation?

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Women’s monthly menstrual cycle sometimes lead to a sense of bloating in the stomach and even cramps. The changes are also sometimes considered to be normal and nothing to worry about. But what is the actual cause of abdominal bloating during menstruation? Check out the explanation, as quoted from eHow below.

Menstruation way of working
The average menstrual cycle runs for 28 days. During this time, hormone levels rise and fall according to body condition. For example, during the fertile period, hormone levels rise. But if it is not fertilized, hormone decline and prepare your body for the menstrual cycle. The decline of these hormones also sometimes trigger pain when the woman is menstruating.

The cause of pain and bloating
During menstruation, the uterine wall decays which make the pain different for each person. If pain is felt excessive, it helps for women to consult a doctor.

Meanwhile, about 85 percent of women experience bloating during menstruating. According to experts from the Mayo Clinic, the hormonal changes are the cause of it.

Prevent bloating
A woman can actually prevent bloating during menstruation. For example, by eating small amounts of food before the menstrual period. Then avoid the consumption of salt, so that the levels of water retention decreases and bloating can be prevented.

In addition, the natural way to keep in shape during menstruation is to increase consumption of calcium and magnesium. Because these nutrients are what the body misses a lot during menstruation.

So that is the cause of flatulence during menstruation in women. If there are any other suspicious symptoms during menstruation, it would be nice if you immediately consult with an expert.


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