When IVF Need for Couples?


What do you mean by Infertility??
The term infertility is the inability to reproduce a child.

Infertility is two types.

There are primary and secondary.
Primary infertility is first seen infertility among couples.Here the couples has never been become to conceive the pregnancy after 1 year of intercourse with out any birth controls.
There is also second infertility.It is inability to conceive a second child after the birth of one or more children.
Both men and women have affects this inability and found in about 40%.

The main causes for inability are following
> unexplained reason
> Some ovulatory problems & disorders
>Tubal blockage
>male infertility factors
>uterine or the peritoneal diseases

The infertility which affects women is called female infertility

The common causes of female infertility are following

*Fallopian tubes blockage or damages
*Elevated level of prolactin
*PCOS disease
*Early menopause
*Certain types of fibroids
*Pelvic adhensions etc

The damages of tubes is due to inflammation of tubes.The frequent cause is sexually transmitted disease named chlamydia.The main function of these tubes is carry the eggs from ovaries to the uterus.Women in their 30s, some fibroids found in the walls of the uterus,also they called tumours.These may block the fallopian tubes.Early menopause occurs before the age of 35 depletes the ovarian follicles.There are certain thyroid problems can interrupt the menstrual cycles,hence it cause infertility.The radiation treatment also reduce the fertility.

The common causes of male infertility are following

*Sperm quality and quantity defects
*Chromosomal defects
*In case of undescended testicles
*Presence of tumors
*Genetic disorders
*Life style factors such as alcohol consumption,smoking,illegal drugs etc

Here low sperm count or low quality of sperm affect the fetility.Having undescended testicles condition decrease the fertility.The genetic disorders named klinefelters’s syndrome develops abnormal development of reproduction in males.Sexually transmitted diseases may block the sperm production also interfere the sperm health.Some surgeries and tumours directly affect the male reproductive organ.

The infertility treatments&tests which are commonly used for both male and female are:

Blastocyst culture
Testicular biopsy
Semen collection
Ovulation Induction
Artificial Insemination
Laparoscopic surgery

By taking the proper treatments as soon as possible the inability for fertility can be solve.

by Prashanth Fertility Centre