Which Is Healthier, Sea Salt Or Table Salt?


SaltWho can live without some salt in their lives? It’s an integral part of your lives as well as food. Your taste buds experience incompleteness when salt is not added perfectly to the food. Salt or rather sodium chloride as it is chemically known is considered to have its own set of benefits. The iodine present in it is considered to be good for your brain health. Well, benefits of salt don’t really get restricted there. A lot of people use salt to ensure their teeth remain healthy and white. You would see that salt is considered to be a lot more beneficial than people would love to give it credit for.

Salt come in two different varieties. One is the sea salt variety while the other is a table salt variety. Both salts are different and not both are eager to be a part of your food. It is important to understand the difference between sea salt and table salt to move on with which is better and healthier version of salt. So before moving on to know which of the two salts are better, here is the first part on the difference between the two salts and the second part would be which is better and healthy.

Sea Salt Vs Table Salt
When you say sea salt you are reminded of the salt that you are likely to taste when you touch the beaches right? Well, yes sea salt is produced when the ocean water evaporates. A little processing gives the salt a bit of finesse. You will see a bit of minerals present in this salt when you get to finally look at it. This salt is particularly coarse considering the minerals add taste and color to the salt.

Table salt on the other hand serves to be a more stable and in grown variety of salt. You will see that this processed variety of salt contains little to no minerals in it. There is a bit of iodine in the table salt variety. This is more like good for the salt in itself.

Now that you know the difference let’s try and understand which of the two is healthy and beneficial to the body.

Being Natural
Sea salt is more natural when compared to the table salt. It is directly produced from evaporation of sea and so is considered to have a certain coarseness and texture that is suited for good health. It contains minerals in its raw state which makes it healthier version of salt.

Important Minerals
You would find sea salt healthier when compared to table salt. The reason being it possesses more minerals than table salt does. As it is a more raw form of salt, directly uncovered from the sea, it has tremendous benefits on the body.

Presence of Sodium
Presence of sodium is essential but only when it is in considerable amounts. Higher amount of sodium is not really good for health. This is probably why you should prefer sea salt compared to table salt as it contains low amounts of sodium and makes it easy to digest. Apart from sodium, another important component of salt is iodine which is present in requisite amounts in sea salt as compared to table salt.

Because of the above mentioned reasons, and also because of it being natural most people consider sea salt to be healthier when compared to table salt.

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source: boldsky