White tea, a shortcut to be healthy


We often hear the benefits of chamomile tea, black tea, or green tea. And what about white tea? Currently, white tea is popular in North America. Actually white tea is not really white, but yellow.

White tea needs to be grown in a special way. This type of tea is also not fermented or brewed like other teas. White tea is better if left to dry under the sun. White tea is believed to have a delicate fruit flavor and aroma.

Previously, this tea comes from Fijuan, China which has been developed since the 1700s. In 2000, research on this tea was done and the tea became more popular in western countries, as reported by the Times of India.

Because of its high levels of anti-oxidants, white tea are known to ward off cancer, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and protect the heart. Not only that, this tea also strengthens bones, cleanse the skin, and prevent the signs of aging.