WHO: Cell Phones Can Cause Brain Cancer


cell phone brain cancerWorld Health Organization (WHO) announced the use of cell phones can cause brain cancer. This conclusion is the result of a meeting of 21 scientists from 14 countries, including recent research that has not been published.

Therefore, WHO recommends cell phone owners to reduce the use of hands-free device and short message sending. This is the first time the WHO linked cell phones with cancer risk.

Previous research mentioned only by half an hour of using cell phones every day, the risk of brain cancer for its users reaches 40 percent. “It is therefore important to conduct further research about the dangers of long-term cell phone usage,” said Director of WHO’s International Agency for Research Dr. Christopher Wild.

Chairman of the working group which discuss the cancer risk from cell phones, Dr. Jonathan Samet, said that they support the conclusion although evidence are still continued to be collected. “We need to continue to closely monitor the relationship between cell phones and cancer risk,” he said, according to the DailyMail.

Recent research has also found the possibility of hearing loss due to excessive cell phone usage.

According to Executive Director of the Cellular Phone Operators Association, John Cooke, the cellphone responds seriously about the health risks from the use of communication devices and is committed to support scientific research which is is still ongoing.