WHO Committee: Mers is not an emergency


Mers is not an emergencyAlthough yesterday the ministry of Saudi Arabia has warned pilgrims to beware of the Mers deadly virus that infects the Middle East region, but the WHO committee stated otherwise. Committee formed to oversee the deployment of Mers (Middle East respiratory syndrome) states that Mers is not an emergency threat to the world.

Around 15 international experts who are on the committee expressed their decision after hearing reports of the authorities in Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Mers deadly virus that has killed 45 people and infected 82 people since April 2012.

“Based on observations and the latest information, the director general of WHO (Margaret Chan) accept the decision of the committee that the situation is serious and the latest Mers is worrisome, but has not been a problem for global public health emergency for the moment,” said the WHO in Geneva, as reported by NBC News (17/07).

The Committee may make recommendations for traveling and trading, as well as the exchange of data. Until now Mers has spread to Jordan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany.

Meanwhile, millions of Muslims coming October will be heading Mecca to perform the Hajj. In addition to a statement from the WHO and the health ministry warning from Saudi Arabia, Hajj apparently will continue as scheduled.