WHO: Mers is potential to become a global pandemic


Mers is potential to become a global pandemic

After previous researchers explained that the Mers virus does not deserve to be a global epidemic, now it seems they changed their minds. World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday asked the medical workers around the world to be aware of the symptoms of the deadly Mers virus . WHO explained that the virus similar to SARS has the potential to spread throughout the world and cause a global pandemic.

Not only mers virus, the UN also provides guidance to countries affected by outbreaks of influenza such as H5N1 and H7N9 avian flu that is currently detected in China. The guide is made based on lessons learned from the outbreak in 2009/2010 related to the H1N1 swine flu.

“We’re trying to find as many as we can, and we are very concerned about these three viruses,” said WHO’s special adviser, Andrew Harper, as reported by NBC News (15/07).

WHO spokesman Gregory Hartld explained that the nine countries affected by the  mers virus talks and presentations via video. After that they did a closed session held last Thursday.

Global concerns about this infection is quite high considering the ability of the virus to move all over the world. Until now there are several examples of viruses that have moved from one country to another through tourists.

Tourists have brought the Mers  virus to the UK, France, Germany, and Italy. In addition, people who are infected are also found in Middle Eastern countries such as Jordan, Qatar, Tunisia, and United Arab Emirates.

Although the virus is still causing a lot of casualties, but the resulting death rate reached 60 percent in patients. All countries must be alert to the emergence of diseases or symptoms similar to Mers.