Why are left handed people genius?


Why are left handed people genius

There are many studies that have been done to prove whether left handed people or lefties are really a genius or not. Of course, many things can be behind why a person are more likely to use the left hand than the right hand.

According to one theory, it is caused by exposure to high levels of testosterone before birth. Stress during the birth is also said to encourage children to become left-handed. In his book Right-Hand, Left-Hand, Chris McManus of University College London, argues that left-handed people on average historically has a good performance.

Based on his research, lefties also have different brain structure that regulate the development of the language centers of the brain. Here are some things you can explain why left-handed people are generally genius.

1. Better memory

Left-handed people have a larger corpus callosum. This section serves to connect the two hemispheres of the brain. This is the area where all the storage memory lasts. The basic problem that is common in this type of memory is that they may not remember where they have left their keys, but they will remember when the World War II occurred.

2. More creative

According to one theory, the lefty brain works differently and hence, they are more creative than those who use the right hand. Scientists say that when a person is more inclined to use left hand, they will more likely use the right side of their brain associated with creativity.

3. Good in playing video games

Research conducted by Dr. Nick Cherbuin suggests that the lefties brain is able to control many stimulus. It makes them naturally better at playing video games.

4. Good in mathematics

Research conducted by Marian Annett showed that most students that are left-handed are better in mathematics than students in other subjects. In 2008, John Santrock also said that the profession suitable for left-handed people are mathematicians, architects, musicians and artists. All professions, according to him, requires visual-spatial skills that are good.

Those are four things that can explain why left-handed people are often called a genius.