Why Blind People Have Good Hearing

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blind people better sense of hearingMay be you already know that people who are blind generally have a better sense of hearing compared to people who are not. But do you know what causes this, why does blind people have good hearing?

Researchers from the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) at McGill University and Universite de Montreal have shown that people who can not see, really have better hearing. But this generally occurs in people who are already blind since they were still very young.

The results of this study which is called ‘The Pitch discrimination in the Early Blind’ has been published in the journal Nature on July 15, 2004.

“It is already known that blindness could help the development of music, but did not take into account the age of the person who is blind,” says Dr. Robert Zatorre, a cognitive neuroscientist at the MNI, McGill University, according to ScienceDaily.

In people who can see, the area of ??the brain called the medial occipital region play an important role for visual signals.

In people who experience blindness early in their life, they will operate this brain region to detect sound. This makes them able to hear better.

Also at birth or a young age, the brain centers that regulate vision, hearing and other senses are all still connected. This connection is likely to be maintained and used for processing sound in people who experience blindness.

Because of that, sometimes it is known that people who are blind not only can hear better, but also have a better sense of touch and a stronger sense of smell.

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