Why can’t we remember memories from when we were babies?


baby wake up at nightNormally, one does not have any memory of their childhood. But that does not mean we do not record information as an infant.

As reported by Life’s Little Mysteries, the reason why we do not remember the memories of when we were babies is not a problem to worry about. Because at the moment, the brain actually does not work well for summarizing complex information, known as a memory.

Children uniquely can still remember factual things like parent’s name, how to say thank you, and goodbye when seperating. All is called semantic memory.

Meanwhile, the memory until we are 2-4 years old can not be rememberedĀ  by adults. Because in those days, the brain is less able to collect episodic memory (memory of specific details and events).

Memory itself is actually stored in several parts of the brain or cortex. For example, a sound memory is processed in the auditory cortex on the lateral side of the brain. Then the memory of vision is set by the visual cortex at the back of the brain. While the area of the brain called the hippocampus triesĀ  to combine all the memories.

“Think of the cortex as a flower, all in our heads. Now, the hippocampus task is arranging the flowers neatly in the middle of the brain, and then turn it into a beautiful bouquet,” said Patricia Bauer from Emory University in Atlanta.

Thus, memory is like a bouquet which is a pattern of interconnected nerve between the brain and where the memories are stored.

So what is the reason the children usually fail to save memory? The reason is that the hippocampus was still in the early stages of collecting pieces of information. In addition, episodic memory is considered to be too complex because babies are still in the learning stage about the things around him.

“In my opinion, the purpose of the first two years of a child is mastering the knowledge of semantic while episodic memory is ultimately ignored,” adds psychologist Nora Newcombe from Temple University in Philadelphia.