Why Computers and Televisions Should Not be in Children’s Rooms


Computers and Televisions Should Not be in Children's RoomsFor some parents, a child’s room complete with computers and television are common. Computer usually is placed in the bedroom, so that the child could learn freely.

But did you know that the presence of computers and televisions in the room can disrupt a child’s development? Based on a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Helsinki, Finland, televisions and computers can disrupt sleep patterns and lead to memory problems and poor performance in school.

“Children need extra sleep as  they move to puberty, but our research found that the use of television and computers affect kids sleep,” said one of the researchers from the University of Helsinki, Teija Nuutinen, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The study was conducted by examining 353 children aged 10-11 years. They were asked about the use of television, computers and their sleeping habits. After 18 months, the children were asked the same question again.

The result showed that more often children played computer games or watch television, the more they sleep late. According to a research published in the  BMC Public Health journal, the presence of a television or computer in the bedroom is very disturbing for boys.

The researchers also revealed that children who frequently watch television or play computer games tend to exercise less so when it’s time to sleep they are not tired.

In addition to hormonal changes caused by exposure to light from computer and television which can make children have trouble sleeping. The researchers also suggest that children’s rooms should be kept away from electronic equipments.