Why Dangers of Smoking On Women Are Bigger than Men


women smoking dangerThe number of male smokers are more than female. But once addicted, women are more difficult to quit smoking. Health dangers of smoking is also greater in women. How could this be?

Studies prove that cigarette toxic are more likely to kill women than men. Female smokers have 25 percent greater danger of suffering from heart disease than male smokers.

The impact of a stronger cigarette smoke also explain why women smokers are twice as likely to have lung cancer from their bad habits. Women also more often suffer from more aggressive forms of disease caused by smoking.

The researcher explained that women and men have a physiological difference. Lower weight and narrower blood vessels is the key to the great dangers of smoking in women.

“Women can extract the quantity of carcinogens and other toxins greater than the same amount of cigarette in men,” said scientists from Minnesota and Johns Hopkins University, according to Mirror.

The findings of the meta-analysis of 86 international studies involving 2.4 million people adds evidence that women’s health is getting worse because it is influenced by smoking.

Risk ratio of smokers compared to those who do not smoke to coronary heart disease was found to be 25 percent higher in women than in men.

It increased by 2 percent for each year, which means that the longer a woman smokes, the higher the risk of developing heart disease, compared with men who had smoked in the same timeframe.

Experts called on government to take tougher action against the promotion of tobacco use and cigarette packaging designers, amid worrying signs that women are being targeted by the industry to increase cigarette sales.

The study results are published in Online First by The Lancet the medical journal, was conducted by Dr. Rachel Huxley of the University of Minnesota and Dr. Mark Woodward, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.