Why do People Drool When Sleeping?

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drool pictureThere are various types of sleep disorders that can make someone feel ashamed if it is known by others, one of which is drooling while sleeping. So what causes someone to drool while sleeping?

If someone drools during sleep, it will certainly make their sleep uncomfortable. Saliva from the mouth is sometimes difficult to be prevented, so it makes people become embarrassed when they wake up.

This condition may be frequently found in babies who are about to grow teeth, so the baby will drool during sleep or while awake. But this would be different if it happens to people who are already adults.

Most people will realize it after they wake up, or wake up to find their pillow already wet. Drooling during sleep can be a normal phenomenon or it may also occur due to certain medical conditions that can increase saliva production. Yet this course could be embarrassing if it is known by others.

Drooling is also called sialorrhea, a condition experienced by millions of people in their sleep every night. This happens when someone is dreaming or when at rest.

According to eHow, one of the causes of the condition of drooling during sleep is caused by a dry mouth that triggers an excess production of saliva. In addition there are also some other conditions, namely:

1. Sleeping with your mouth open. Sleeping with this condition causes your mouth to dry more quickly because the moisture from the mouth is missing. This triggers the saliva in the mouth to get out, so that makes people drool.
2. Side effects of drugs consumed. Some drugs sometimes have side effects like dry mouth or causing disturbances on the glands that produces saliva.
3. The existence of problems in the teeth, such as infections of the teeth or gums that affects the person’s saliva.
4. Has an abnormal anatomy of the mouth, like a tongue that is too large, teeth that are too tightly or enlargement of lymph glands.

To overcome this problem one must know beforehand what causes the drool during sleep. The best way to reduce this condition is to avoid a sideways sleeping position, because this position will push for an open jaw, causing an open mouth during sleep.

If the cause is a medical condition, it could not hurt to consult a doctor. If the number of saliva is excessive, your doctor will prescribe medication to reduce the quantity of water which is produced by the salivary gland. However, drug administration should be on prescription because they can cause dehydration.

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