Why Do We Have to Drink Plenty of Water During Flu?


drink water during fluWhen someone catches a flu or cold, then in addition to taking medication they are also advised to drink plenty of water. What is the reason people should consume plenty of water during flu?

If someone has a cold, then the suggestion that they will be receiving is a lot of rest and drink plenty of water. Drinking water when catching flu can help maintain body fluids and overcome the flu.

Flu is a common disease during the rainy season or seasons transition. Flu symptoms are very disturbing for daily activities, such as nasal congestion, runny nose, cough and fever.

According to the NYTimes, theoretically, consuming plenty of water can help replace fluids lost due to fever. This condition will help loosen mucus that makes someone feel better.

Water consumption can also be used to help cleanse the body system and eliminate toxins. Although it is still uncertain whether this fluid intake can reduce the severity of the infection or not.

Getting adequate rest is also an important thing to do during the flu. This is because most of the flu caused by viruses that can actually heal itself if someone has a strong immune system.

Although there are certain foods that can reduce flu symptoms and speedup recovery. But actually there are also foods that actually should be avoided during the flu like sweet foods, milk and meat.

By having adequate rest, drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods, someone will have a strong immune system to fight the flu virus in the body and reduce infection.