Why does sweat make your skin itchy?


Why does sweat make your skin itchy

Sweating can occur at any time and has a lot of causes. Starting from overheating, sports, or when you’re nervous. In addition to removing water that makes the body wet, sweat also often make your body itch.

How does this happen?

As reported by healthmeup, sweating occurs when your body’s core temperature increases and spreads. To dampen this case and regulates body temperature, your body increases blood circulation to the area which is the source of heat. When the blood rises in the hot area, then your body becomes confused and begins to release histamine to defend themselves. Because your body feel that there will be health problems from outside the body.

The impact of the release of histamine is itching. That is why you will feel itchy when sweating. So when it comes itch, do not scratch it with a bang. Because this is only a temporary body reactions that can be lost. Therefore when this attack itching, apply skin cream to cool your skin.