Why is fiber so important for women?

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Many experts suggest that people who want to do a diet more frequently eats fibrous foods. Apparently, in addition to diet, eating fiber is also important for women.

A nutritionist named Dr. Daemon Jones says that fiber is something that is made from plants, either fruits, vegetables, whole grains or beans.

Fiber is very important for human health because fibrous foods can be compared to a broom that clean the impurities in the body. Fiber is also important to balance hormones.

As reported Howdini.com, there are several hormones that have been used or ‘expired’ in our bodies during exercise. Being unused, these hormones will automatically go to the digestive system and will go wasted.

However, when there are not much human activities and not much movement going on around the stomach, the hormones will be sucked back into the body.

When these hormones have been sucked back into the body, the balance of estrogen and progesterone hormones will be disrupted. If the balance of other hormones in the body is disturbed, then for women, it becomes an unpleasant thing. What is Hormonal Imbalance of Female?

It said to be uncomfortable because, with disruption of the hormonal balance in the body the monthly menstrual cycle becomes irregular and may create PMS.

So, balance the  estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body by eating plenty of fibrous foods and do enough movement activities.

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