Why it is good to quickly get pregnant after getting married


get pregnant after getting marriedSome couples decide to postpone having children because of work and other reasons. But it seems that this could have a negative effect on health.

Research shows that getting pregnant after marriage is over a year increases the risk of couples to have children exposed to nerve problems.

The study also explains why children born after fertility treatment also had difficulty growing. Children born after fertility treatment cause parents at high risk of giving birth prematurely and have a small weight.

Scientists observed neurodevelopmental of 209 children. all children are born to parents who struggled to have children, and most had undergone fertility treatment, as reported by the Daily Mail (26/03).

As a result the study found 17 children (under eight percent) who experienced neurological problems. These children are mostly from parents who ddid fertility treatments. Women who delay pregnancy and after more than a year of marriage also has a 30 percent higher risk for having children with neurodevelopmental problems.

In this study, the average parents took more than four years to have a child. Some parents whose children did not have nerve problems successfully conceived after two years eight months.

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