Why Jogging is Good for You


jogging beachOne of the society’s favorite exercise is running or jogging. But it turns out that this exercise can provide some benefits for the body. Some modern studies have categorized running as a suitable exercise for all age groups, which do not require equipment and special requirements to do.

According to Menshealth, there are 5 reasons why people need to run.

1. An efficient cardio workout
Running or jogging is the most effective way to improve heart health and burn fat in the body in a short time. If someone runs with a speed of 6 miles per hour for 1 hour, then they’d burn about 700 calories.

2. Cheap exercise
Jogging does not make a person must join a member of a particular gym or buy expensive equipments. The only equipment needed are just good shoes, socks, shorts and a t-shirts. In addition, the place could be anywhere, like in the park, in your backyard or neighborhood.

3. Exercise which can relieve stress
After someone runs stable for 20 minutes, then the pressures of life or daily stress will be reduced. This is because running also releases endorphins, which are natural chemicals produced by the body to relieve pain and improve mood.

4. Exercise which is good for health
Running or jogging can help strengthen bones and help prevent osteoporosis, especially for women. It is also included as an aerobic exercises that can improve the cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure and keep the arteries clean of plaques.

5. Exercise which can make you live long
This is based on the results of a study reported in the British Medical Journal that a person running or jogging regularly have a greater chance of living longer. This condition is because the organ in their body, especially their heart and lungs work better, so that blood flow to other organs become more fluent.

This shows that to obtain a healthy body, expensive cost and or luxury exercise equipments are not always needed. Because by doing jogging regularly, one can get their body healthy and get other health benefits.