Why lemon is good for you!


lemonHere are some benefits of lemon you probably didn’t know.

Do you ignore the small yellow rounds lying in your fridge? Do you not like the citric taste that a lemon has? Well, as they say, it is not just about the taste. Lemon comes with a host of health benefits too! Here are some secrets of a lemon spilled, which will make you include it in your daily diet –

Skin problems: Lemon consists of citric acid, which helps in treating acnes. The vitamin C one gets from a lemon also helps in keeping skin fresh and maintains the glow.

Relieves from stress: Research shows that lemon has a calming effect on a person’s mind and so, helps in relieving a person from stress and anxiety.

Antiviral properties: Research also shows that the use of lemon is good for curing a cold and fever as the vitamin C it has, boosts one’s immunity.

Fights fatigue: Lemon juice is always recommended to people who have tiring jobs or people who travel long distances. It can boost one’s energy and fight fatigue.

Good for your stomach: People who are looking at losing weight and are on a diet must have lemon everyday. Even for other people, squeeze some lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and have it after each meal. This will help in easy digestion and boost metabolism.

source: indiatimes

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