Why Men Lose Weight Faster


men lose weight fasterIn terms of weight loss, women often ‘loose’ to men. Perhaps you also had noticed how men lose weight easily without having to try extra hard. Surely this invites curiosity.

For that, know three things why men lose weight easier, according to Reader’s Digest.

1. Men are not too obsessed with food
Women are more obsessed with food than men. According to a recent survey, about 25 percent of women think about food every half an hour. Thinking about food makes the desire to eat increases. This makes women eats more.

2. Men do not relate food and emotions
Women tend to ease their emotions on food, while men do not. According the book ‘Conquering Heart Attack & Stroke’ , from brain scans, researchers showed food in men and women who had not eaten all day and ask them to hold their hunger.

It was known that male brains showed much less activity in terms of regulation, emotion, memory, and motivation than women. As though, men are more easy to ‘turn off’ their passions in their favorite foods.

3. Men metabolism is faster
Metabolic system of men is faster than women. A study found that the average man’s metabolism is 5 to 10 percent higher than women who have the same weight and height.