Why Men Should Take Multivitamins


Do you also provide multivitamins at the dinner table? Often we are faced with a lack of nutritional diet, so we still need additional vitamin obtained from multivitamin tablets. Some people questions is it safe to take multivitamins every day?

At the National Institutes of Health, one of the largest health care in America, experts recommend that doctors prescribe supplemental multivitamins to patients who lack vitamin foods, or not getting the full benefits of the foods consumed.

In addition to sufficient nutrition, consumption of multivitamins are also able to reduce the risk of cancer. In men who are not getting healthy food, but taking multivitamins, it will reduce the risk of cancers up to eight percent. This is according to a research conducted by doctors at Harvard Medical School, Boston.

This also applies to single vitamin tablet. Michael Gaziano, head of the hospital said, many Americans always take multivitamin, but they do not know what benefits are acquired after taking over the long term. Likewise, British people buy multivitamins as “health insurance”, they expect it as cancer prevention.

According to the Daily Mail, cancer prevention can be done with low-dose multivitamin in the long run. Not a high-dose multivitamin, that would endanger health.

Studies on the relationship of multivitamins and cancer prevention was conducted from 1997 to 2011, in men with cancer. They were given multivitamins during the treatment process. In the records of the doctor, the patient suffering from prostate , colorectal, lung, bladder, and other cancers. A total of 18.8 per cent died, while others improved.

Data Analysts find multivitamins may increase the healing process of cancer up to eight percent.

“Although the main reason for taking a multivitamin is to prevent malnutrition, these data reveal that multivitamin supplements can also work for the prevention of cancer in middle-aged or older people,” Gaziano said.

In a previous study, it was known that multivitamins supplements causes sleeping difficulty.