Why Muscle Hurts After Exercising for the First Time


muscle pain after exerciseMany people experience muscle pain when they exercise for the first time. Because of this reason, many people tend to avoid working out in the gym. So what actually causes the pain when you exercise for the first time.

Pain or discomfort that arises is an adaptation period to make the muscles become stronger and able to perform the next task. Therefore, one should not be discouraged or even stop exercising.

“When a person is exercising the first time, the muscles will experience less physical stress. Pain or tenderness is a natural thing of all kinds of physical activity and most commonly occurs in the early stages of a person to start a program,” said Professor Rick Sharp, exercise physiologist from Iowa State University in Ames, according to WebMD.

The pain and discomfort occurs between 24-48 hours after exercise. This condition is normal and is known as delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS.

When people exercises that means they are testing the strength of their body and muscles that cause tension in the muscle fibers. Then the body will respond by triggering new muscle synthesis that makes muscles grow stronger and make people able to face a greater burden.

Each time work load increases, the muscles are encouraged to survive. As a result the muscles become stressed and it causes pain. This condition occurs when people exercise for the first time or is starting a more heavy exercise.

If the body is sore after exercise, there are some things you can do to reduce its pain:

1. Compress with ice
2. Take a break
3. Take anti-inflammatory drug
4. Have a massage
5. Do some stretching.

Before the first exercise, do some stretching because it can reduce the pain.

Start by doing lite exercise, then gradually increase the intensity and frequency. Perform cooling just before the exercise ends (10 minutes before it finishes) can also relieve pain.