Why Our Face Turn Red When We Are Embarrassed


embarrassed red face Health Tips – Have you ever felt embarrassed and your face turn red? The phenomenon of blushing when embarrassed interest scientist to figure out more why the face turn red when embarrassed.

A red face and a sense of shame usually go hand in hand. Turbulent feelings are a natural response from someone concerning something that happened to them.

Cheeks flushed with embarrassment is managed by a system that also activate the sympathetic nervous system. This system works spontaneouss.

When someone is embarrassed, then the body will release the adrenaline hormone. This hormone acts as a natural stimulant and has various effects on the body that are part of the response. When the adrenaline increases, the breathing and heart rate will also increase. This can slow the digestive process so that the energy is transferred to the muscle.

According to HowStuffWorks, if someone is embarrassed, then the blood vessels in the face will respond to signals from the adenylyl cyclase chemical transmitter.

As a result, the blood vessels in the face will be widened (vasodilation) and allows more blood flow through the face than usual. This condition will make someone’s face turn red.

This is one of the unusual response of venous blood vessels. Because in other regions of the body, the veins do not do this when the adrenaline is released. This hormone has little or no effect at all on the veins. Usually, there are other blood vessels more responsive to adrenaline.

Some people have surgery to limit the red face response, this surgery is called a endothoracic sympathectomy . Usually people who have erythrophobia (fear of blushing), most often perform this operation by cutting small nerves in the bone which serves to control the response to blush.

“A red face caused by embarrassment grow along with our awareness of others, in this case suggests the existence of the social basis. In addition, flushed face might be able to function as a non-verbal apology for something the person felt,” said Ray Crozier, professor of psychology from the University of East Anglia in England, as quoted from BBC.

This condition is natural and can not be regulated. If you experience a situation that makes you awkward or embarrassed yourself, then you will feel a warm cheek and remember that this will go away by itself.