Why Our Stomach Hurts When We Get Nervous


stomach acheMost people have experience stomach ache when feeling nervous, panic or stress when having to appear in public or before an important interview. Why does nervousness cause stomach ache?

Most people who experience stress also feel it in their guts. As described in the Harvard Mental Health Letter in August 2010, that there is an informal nervous system known as the ‘brain-gut axis’ suspected to be the cause.

Basically the brain interact with the entire body through the nervous system which has several main components. One is the enteric nervous system which helps regulate the digestive process.

According to Health.harvard.edu, when the body experience stress, nervousness or panic, then the process of digestion will slow or stop. So the body can focus all internal energy to face the threat or psychological disorders. This impaired digestion process is the cause of stomach ache.

Identification causes of this stomach ache will be known as nervous stomach. Nervous stomach is the source of the disturbances on the abdomen  which could be caused by stress or nervousness.

In someone who is depressed either by stress, panic or being nervous, their brain will release more acid into the stomach. This is what affects the abdominal disorders such as stomach pain, stomach felt bloated, burping, stomach feels sore and nausea.

Nervous stomach can not be categorized as a specific disease. Because in general, doctors will use this term after diagnostic tests can not reveal the cause and also after removing other possibilities.

This condition apparently also can be experienced by children, for example, when children feel pressure from their friends or in terms of academics such as school exams.

Dr Michael Miller as the editor of the Harvard Mental Health Letter explains that some psychological interventions can be done to reduce stomach ache due to stress.

Cognitive behavioral therapy to change the stress and stimulate thinking, relaxation techniques aimed at calming the body and cause intestinal and positive minds.