Why People Eat More During Stress


eat more during stressWhen under pressure or stress, many people tries to escape it and gain comfort when eating. A study concluded that for many people, food can reduce bad mood.

A research initiated by Chef & Brewer shows that one-third of employees will turn to food when they are under stress at some point. By eating, they are trying to combat the unpleasant feeling. Some people also use snacks as they went through tiring day or feel stressed.

About 80 percent of employees admit when stress hit them, they more often consume fast foods, sweet foods or other unhealthy foods that are contrary to the standard ‘healthy food’ during work.

At least 33 per cent claimed to feel more comfortable to eat more when the weather is cold. 25 percent of the 3,000 people surveyed said eating helps them calm down after an argument with a partner. Food also brings comfort to 19 percent of people who feels they failed on a diet.

The survey which was published in Genius Beauty reveals that the average person thinks about food for 1 hour 40 minutes each day. “There is nothing wrong in terms of eating, because it is human nature. Eating is also a way of entertaining themselves,” said a company spokesman.