Why People Have Bad Breath in the Morning


mourning bad breathBad breath odor when waking up almost happens to everyone. Although it is not a serious matter, but waking breath odor can be overcome if we know the causes.  So what are the causes?

Bad breath can generally occur permanently or temporarily. These disorders have a negative impact or image for the sufferer. But for bad breath after waking up/in the morning it seems that almost everyone experience it.

The main cause of morning bad breath is bacteria that exist naturally in the mouth. The mouth contains many bacteria that start the digestive process. When active, saliva and mouth movements are normal to speak and chew, so it can clean up food debris and prevent bacteria from developing.

However, during sleep there is a decrease of saliva production, so that the mouth becomes dry. Besides that, there is a decrease of oxygen available in the mouth.

According to Livestrong, bacteria in the mouth are anaerobic, meaning that it can not live without oxygen and unable to grow in a dry mouth.

Consequently, in order to survive these bacteria will digest the protein left in the mouth from the remnants of food stuck between teeth, saliva, mucus and other cellular materials.

Proteins which are digested will produce sulfur gases that cause bad breath odor in the morning. The bad-smelling gas which is produced during sleep will disappear when saliva production goes back to normal.

According to the Journal of Dental Research, snoring and breathing through the mouth during sleep increases and aggravate the bad breath after waking up.

In addition to increased salivation, bad breath in the morning also will disappear after a person’s mouth does the activities associated with the mouth. Regardless of whether people brush their teeth or use mouthwash, have breakfast or just drink a glass of water, can reduce the amount of sulfur gases and reduce morning bad breath.

How do we prevent bad breath in the morning?

Normally, one does not get rid of bad breath odor in the morning because it is a normal function of the reduction in saliva and temporary proliferation (breeding) of some types of bacteria.

But bad breath in the morning can be reduced by maintaining oral hygiene. Removing plaque through regular cleaning, tooth brushing and flossing can reduce the food for bacteria in the mouth, which ultimately reduce bad breath in the morning.

Tooth decay and gum disease caused by poor oral hygiene can make the bacteria multiply and add to the problem of bad breath. Alcohol and certain drugs that cause mouth dryness also will aggravate bad breath in the morning.