Why Reducing Salt in Diet is Difficult for Some People


salt consumptionSome people who undergo a special diet or suffering from a certain disease usually should reduce salt intake from food. But many diets fail because it people are unable to  reduce the  portion of  salt. Why is that? A recent study said that gene is the cause.

According to Times of India, scientists have discovered that there are people who genetically are difficult to reduce the portion of salt in their diet. According to a research, low-sodium food for some people tastes awful. People who are sensitive to bitter taste tend to eat more salt. So that salty taste is used to disguise the bitter taste.

“Everyone in the world have different sense of taste. From the research we see an effort to reduce the sodium will be much more difficult,” said John Hayes, a Biopsikologis at Pennsylvania State University.

The study also revealed that about 25 percent of men have more sensitivity on their taste senses. It is caused by a differences in small bumps on the tongue.

They may feel that fat is more tasty, sugar is more sweet and green vegetables have a more bitter taste. They also can feel the saltiness of salt though in small amounts compared to people who have no such sensitivity.