Why Women Hair Turn gray Faster


woman gray hairHair color will change with age to gray or white. There is a difference between the two gender, men and women. Women’s hair often turn gray faster than men. Why does this happen?

A group of British scientists found the answer. A large scale study found that the genes and lifestyles of women are more likely to cause gray hair. This differs from earlier theories that the levels of gray hair on a person relies on negative factors such as level of health, stress or diet.

Researchers studied more than 200 identical twin and non-identical between the ages of 59 to 81 years old in England. Identical twins, who share the same gene have identical gray hair condition as well.

On the other hand, non-identical twins who have different genes, have different levels of gray hair.

The findings made by ??a hair-care company reinforces the conclusion that women have gray hair due to the nature of genes.

According to experts, you can not change genetics and its influence on the hair. However, various  hair care appropriate with the body and hair health condition will slow down the process of the hair turning gray.