Why Women Panics Faster When Hearing Bad News


After reading or hearing news that are negative, what is your reaction? Most men simply read without taking them seriously, they look more relaxed. Conversely, women suddenly become more frantic and protective.

This indicates the level of sensitivity to stressful situations. Sonia Lupien and her team from the University of Montreal, Canada, examined a group of men and women who read a newspaper article recently.

One group viewed them only as ‘neutral news’, while the other group showed the articles they read considered to be ‘negative’ news. After reading the story, participants perform standardized psychological tests to measure stress. They also monitored the level of stress by measuring levels of salivary cortisol (stress hormone).

As reported by the Daily Mail, the authors of the study found that despite reading negative news, the level of stress in men will not increase rapidly. But women who reads negative news, their cortisol levels will rise higher. Women also have a strong memory and emotional response to negative news.

Although previous studies have assessed the role of mass media as a factor enhancing stress, this is the first study to question the impact of negative news publications on stress reactivity. In a previous research it was also known that Old People Prefer Reading Negative News of Young People.