Why You Are Not Allowed to Pull Out Gray Hair

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pulling out gray hairWhen a gray or white hair appears, some people get embarrassed and try to eliminate it by pulling them out. Is it true that gray hair should  not be pulled out because it would only cause more gray hair?

Each hair has a root that contains a structure like a small bag or is called the hair follicle. Hair follicles contain melanocytes that produce melanin pigment, which is responsible for hair color.

Over time, the pigment cells in hair follicles is reduced which makes the hair no longer has a lot of melanin. This is the condition that changes the hair color to became gray or white.

According to about, until now there is no scientific evidence either in the form of diet, herbs or supplements that can reduce or restore gray hair. Therefore one can only treat these gray hairs in order for it to still look healthy.

What if gray hair is pulled out?

Gray hair that appears should indeed not be pulled out, because it can damage the follicles, nerves and hair roots. If the hair root is damaged later on it can lead to infection.

Besides that, habits of puling out gray hair can also make the hair becomes thinner which causes as if you have more gray.

Most people will cover up gray hair by coloring it. If so, try to choose the right hair dye that does not damage any structures or hair root. And use the right shampoo or conditioner so the hair still looks healthy and avoid other hair disorders.

Each person actually has its own genetic time to get gray hair. Although nothing can stop gray hair, but some conditions can make gray hair grow faster like a genetic disease, having anemia, metabolic disorders, early menopause and also smoking.

It seems that gray hair is indeed difficult to be prevented so just face it as a reminder of age. But there are ways so that gray hair does not come at a young age:

1. Diet
Consume foods rich in minerals such as iron, sodium and B vitamins in your daily menu. Eating fruits and vegetables are also beneficial, like the ones rich in antioxidants, which can help fight free radicals that cause premature gray hair.

2. Hair Massage
Massage hair with coconut oil will keep hair long and strong. You can also boil curry leaves in coconut oil and use it for hair. Using a mixture of oil and dried gooseberry powder is an effective treatment for gray hair.

3. Using henna hair dye
Henna is a natural hair dye for gray hair because it helps cover up gray hair and restore hair color. It also can be a natural solution for gray hair.

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