Wifi signal could cause headaches?


Wifi signal could cause headaches

Currently, the Internet can not be separated from human life. The Internet makes you freely communicate with people anywhere and anytime. Internet gives you important information. That is why fast internet access anywhere is needed. And wifi signal or internet wireless signal is created.

A study reported by dailymail.co.uk surprising found that apparently there are some people who suffer from EHS or electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome intolerance. This condition will make a person very sensitive to electromagnetic waves including mobile phones and wifi signal. They can suffer from throbbing headaches that can lead to a more dangerous disease. Research from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, said about 3 million people in the world suffer from this, including Mary Coales, a 63-year-old woman from England.

“At first I did not think that I am suffering from this disease. But I often feel dizzy and sore in the mouth. Then I checked out and the doctor diagnosed that I was exposed to this disease. I became very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation,” she explained. “Because the wifi signal is everywhere so I had to protect my body with some sort of cloth called Aaronia Shield that ┬ácan protect my body from this radiation.”

“The notion of emergence of diseases due to electromagnetic signals is still a topic of discussion of scientists today. Although it may sound strange, but in fact many people suffer because of this,” said Dr. Andrew Tresidder, doctor from Britain’s Health Protection Agency. “For preventive measures you should sit at a distance of more than one meter from the wifi signal transmitter and avoid a laptop.”