Without realizing, work mentally disturb you

Without realizing, work mentally disturb you

In his life, has become an unwritten rule that humans must work. Because work will assist them in connecting life and be a reflection of existence itself. That is why not infrequently upon entering the working age, humans are pursuing this one. Working day and night without knowing the word holiday become common at this time.

But as the saying goes, everything excessive able to give bad effects. So it is with the work. Too old to work with a myriad afford a negative impact on one’s life is a health factor. Not only physical health, mental health can be disturbed because you are too often works.

“Excessive work pressure is able to interfere with the productivity of your body. The stress of work was also able to cause mental illness include depression, anxiety, and dependence on chemical drugs, especially for those who suffer from insomnia,” said Dr. Gorav Gupta, a psychiatrist from Tulasi Healthcare.

“This can be exacerbated by several factors such as long working hours, the atmosphere in the office environment is not conducive, the lack of opportunity to develop themselves, paltry salaries, until the congestion to work,” he explained.

A study conducted in Australia in 2011 even states that do work that does not fit with what you want can kill faster than the attack of a disease. For that those who work, should always run a healthy lifestyle includes regular diet with healthy menus, always taking the time to rest, as well as create a supportive working atmosphere with fellow colleagues. For moral support was indispensable when you’re working primarily with co-workers.

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