Women are more grumpy when they wake up


Women are more grumpy when they wake upMen usually become more moody and grumpy when they wake up. But a recent study shows that women are more grumpy when waking up than men. In fact, women needs more sleep hours.

A research conducted by Duke University also shows that lack of sleep increases the risk of heart disease, depression, and psychological problems in women. In contrast, men’s health seems not to be dependent on the quality of their sleep.

“This study shows that women feels depression, anger, and discomfort greater in the morning. Especially if they do not get enough sleep, or if they are disturbed during sleep,” says Michael Breus, a psychologist and author of “The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan “as reported by CBS News (09/03).

So, why does sleep deprivation affects women more than men? Some experts assume that this is caused by the hormones of men and women that are different. So women need more sleep to regulate their hormone balance.

Breus explains that not only the psychology of women that is affected, but also physical. Women who sleep less may have a blockage of blood vessels and could lead to stroke.