Women Are More Interested in Macho Men


machomenA study, published in the Psychology of Men and Masculinity journal indicates that women consider the fashionable and feminine side of a man as something really unpleasant.

The author of the research also mentioned stereotypes and norms of masculinity (being macho) will be associated with positive consequences from a man. This study also wanted to prove whether it was true that “putting a man on the traditional masculine boundaries will benefit.”

Results showed that a women consider non-macho are sexually unattractive. Fashionable regarded as a minus character that can reduce the potential for work.

The study involved volunteers which were  132 female and 100 male. They are required to watch video job interviews for male and female actors.

Although almost all video showed competence similar to each other, women did not like men who are fashionable. Male volunteers did not even care about women s fashion.

Lead researcher Corinne Rose-Racusin said there are things that should and should not be done by men and women. Women are usually communal and caring for others, but they are not dominant.

Historically and culturally, men are considered more independent and focused on themselves than women. Women are also allowed to be weak, while men are not allowed at all.

Conversely domination are for men and women is prohibited. Such gender stereotypes are then compromised with the rules and expectations for each gender.

But the researchers emphasize that  men fashion are not related to the chances of getting a job. The study only focused on how men and women see each other.