Women Are More Susceptible To Pain


woman migraineWomen tend to have more chronic disease than men. “They also have more sources of pain and often ignores medical care,” said Jennifer Kelly, a psychologist from Atlanta.

She submitted her research on gender and pain at the American Psychological Association convention in San Diego, California, today. According to her, the combination of genes, hormones, emotions and social roles also influence the pain suffered by someone.

For that, Kelly suggests doctors to make the “management of pain,” based on patient gender. “Research shows you should treat women differently to men,” she said.

Kelly confirmed the common view that says women and men differ in response to pain. Various chronic diseases, such as migraine, are four times more likely to attack women. “Women can not tolerate the pain and the pain last longer,” she said.

According to Beverly Thorn, a psychologist from the University of Alabama, hormone supports the difference in receiving pain. So some diseases worse at certain week each month.

About drugs, women suffer more side effects than men. “From animal studies, we found painkillers work better in males than females,” she said.