Women who are born with low weights are vulnerable to infertility


Women who are born with low weights are vulnerable to infertilityHealth tips – Women who were once born with low weight or have a small body at birth is known to be more prone to fertility problems as adults. Recent studies reveal that women who are born with low weights are twice as likely to experience fertility problems.

In a study published in the BMJ Open journal, researchers surveyed 1,200 Swedish women born in 1973 and over. Afterwards, they seek the help of fertility treatments for couples between 2005 and 2010.

Approximately 38.6 percent of fertility problems was associated with women, while men only dealt with the issue around 27 percent, and only seven percent of the problem were from both sides. The journal also explained that 28 percent of fertility problems could not be explained, this is as reported by Healthy Living.

Among women who have fertility problems, less than four percent were born prematurely. A few percent of women have a low weight at birth, and about six per cent are known to have a small body shape at birth.

Researchers concluded that women who are born with little body or low weight at birth tend to have 2.5-fold the risk for fertility problems in the future , when they are adults. The results remain the same and true even after the researchers accounted for other factors such as being overweight.

However, further research is needed to confirm the link between infertility with light weights at birth. Dr Josefin Vikstrom of Sweden’s Linkoping University explains that this can be prevented with advances in medical technology that makes baby born with ideal weight.

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