Work can kill you slowly


Job Stress

More than 80 percent of employees in America experience job stress. In fact, not only the job makes stressful mood worsens, but also trigger health problems. There are at least nine ways how work can kill you slowly. Check out more as reported by the Huffington Post.

Heart disease
A study from University College London in 2012 mentions that employees who experience stress at work have higher risk of heart disease by 23 percent.

Women with stressful jobs are also at risk of developing diabetes. Thiswas revealed in a study reported in the Journal of Occupational Medicine in 2012. But men do not have the same impact like a woman.

Work could also kill you slowly through the signs of aging, especially if employees are feeling stressed about their work.

According to a research in the PLoS ONE journal  in 2011, employee who do overtimes doubles their risk of suffering depression. Depression is also able to trigger the risk of stroke, insomnia, addiction, and reduced lifespan.

Not just health which would be threatened if the employees are stressed, relationship problems will arise too. Approximately 79 percent of men and 61 percent of women claimed job stress can destroy a relationship.

Research from Tel Aviv University conducted over 20 years found the fact that is quite surprising. According to researchers, job stress can increase the risk of death.

As many as 15 percent of employees are reported to experience emotional deterioration, such as becoming more difficult to resist negative emotions and feelings of others. That’s because they are too stressed at work.

Dizziness is one way of telling the brain that an employee takes a break from their job. But if left unchecked, this condition can affect physical health, interest in work, and reduces productivity.

More stress
If an employee is stressed in a workplace, the more likely they will experience stress outside their work environment. Men are even reported more difficult to cope with stress at work when they are out of the office than women.

Those are how work could kill you slowly. So if you feel less comfortable with your job, find the right way to handle it.