Work can make you fat fast!


Work can make you fat fastNot many people are aware that their activities at work can be a huge impact to health or fitness. Too long sitting, going to the office party, stress, and long hours on the job are some of the things that can affect health, including making you fat.

Based on a survey in the United States, some types of work can cause a person to gain weight. Anything, jobs that include administrative, assistant, teacher, nurse, IT managers, lawyers, judges, and other work that makes employees too much sitting. Activities of too much sitting at work is the biggest cause of employees to be obese.

“A lot of people reward themselves with food when they work. It sounds ordinary when they are younger. However it can cause a person to live an unhealthy lifestyle and make them fat,” said nutritionist Susie Burrell, as reported by Health Me Up ( 06/06).

To avoid weight gain at work, you can perform the following steps.

1. Set meals, and follow a regular basis.

2. Avoid eating while working at the computer and at your desk. This will make you eat more because you do not pay attention to the portion of food.

3. During a break, take a walk, for example after lunch. Do not sit back and work. This will reduce the time you sit down.

4. When feeling stressed, do not immediately look for food as an outlet. Distinguish between stress and appetite.

5. If you want to give a gift to your good performance with food, you should give a day once a week instead of once.

6. Prepare homemade foods. This will make you not easy to eat junk food.

7. If you do not bring your own food, make sure it has a healthy lunch. Do not easy eating fast food or junk food every day.

That is the reason why your job can make you fat. Perform preventive measures as suggested above to protect the health of the body from bad habits while working.